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Lending Disputes

Mr. Drake has significant experience in protecting borrowers’ rights, both in commercial and consumer transactions.

Commercial loans allow prospective business owners the capital to open shop, purchase equipment and expand those businesses when the time is right. Small and large businesses, in many fields, rely on commercial loans to help them prosper – and maybe get them through a rough patch.

Lending practices are regulated through state and federal laws intended to protect borrowers from deceptive lending practices, otherwise known as predatory lending. Most lenders willingly comply with these regulations and deal honestly and fairly with borrowers. However, if you find yourself involved with a lender who you believe is breaking the law, you will need an experienced trial attorney like Dennis K Drake to help you expertly resolve the situation.

Unfair lending practices, paperwork errors and failing to carry out loan agreement terms are other ways lenders and borrowers can find themselves in a dispute. Other areas include allegations of discrimination, commercial foreclosure, asset-based lending disputes, contract breaches and more.

If you believe you are involved in a commercial lending dispute, you will need an experienced and capable attorney by your side. As a sole practitioner, clients deal directly with Dennis K Drake. Call 210-366-9636 today for a consultation.